I was in a lot of pain when I went to a lecture by Dr. Rida, and she really impressed me. After the talk, I spoke with her and asked if she thought she could help with my pain. She said that she could but would require several visits. I had three visits over a ten-day period. What a difference it made! She is one of the best doctors I have ever been to. She is very kind and is a good listener. She is a very caring person and explained everything so that I could understand. This is what I remember as a child when the doctor came to the house with a black bag. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone I know.

Robert C. (Shallotte, NC)

Thank you for the excellent treatment for my sciatica! I am now back at work and pain free!

Bob D. (Palm Beach, FL)

Mom and I are still raving about you and your program. The supplements seem to be helping me and I have not yet needed to take Allegra for my allergies. I am also not as ravenous as I was and am feeling more satiated overall. I have been detoxing for the past 3 weeks and will continue to concentrate on my health goals. Thank you for being so inspiring!

Jim W. (Gloucester, MA)

I am extremely happy with the results and so is Mom-the mobility she now has in her arm is amazing! Warmest regards and thanks for our introduction to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine!

Mary W. (Gloucester, MA)

Ever since I began to have seizures, I just didn’t feel like myself. After listening to your lecture, I couldn’t wait to meet with you. You are very kind and articulate. I now feel like I can move forward with my life. Thanks again!

Keith O. (Los Angeles, CA)

My wife and I so enjoyed making your acquaintance. I now have my energy back and am walking once again. I have lost 22 lbs in the past 2 months and even better news, my blood sugar has dropped from 140 to 95mg/dl!

Roy D. (San Jose, CA)

Thank you for helping my wife quit smoking last December. It has been 8 months and she is still smoke-free!

David P. (Murietta, CA)

Thank you very much for your kindness and professionalism. I feel much better and my anxiety is much improved. Because of your wonderful treatment, my cruise has been GREAT!

Annie M. (Montreal, Quebec)

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